Season 6 Recap: AI Funding, Growth, OpenAI, Scale

Yet another epic season, thank you to the community and new attendees dropping by. We've had investors with hundreds of millions looking for investment, senior management of startups that have raised hundreds of millions coming in to share their going to market experience and plenty of aggressive development in the AI space, including the astounding performance of OpenAI Five beating semi-professional DoTA2 in a 5v5 match up, in preparation for the upcoming TI showcase with a professional team. At this rate, you'd wonder when the robotics counterparts would start winning golf tournaments, formula 1 races, tennis or event football.

The Malaysian AI scene is currently flushed with funding, opportunities, interest and budding talent. It's the golden age as we are seeing rapid deployment of AI technologies into everyday workplace.

If you've been missing all season (or all year), drop by for this season recap. The coffee prices at our venue have dropped from RM12 to RM8 to RM5. If you come before ten, it's RM2.50 for a cup of coffee! We're at the usual corner at the back of Ben's Restaurant, chilling at the usual 23 degrees celcius. Drop by to say hello and find out more on what you'd require take your AI hopes and dreams further.

To quote a book title of this week's recap book recommendation, Do More Faster!
Sat Aug 11, 2018
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